Mother Earth


She gave you many things,
Including the air!
But she took nothing
Not even some fare!

She treated as a hospital,
Where we were cured!
She tried to lift up our numb spirits,
When we were bored!

She has powers of her own,
Which we humans use from our birth!
The sole reason for existence of life is,
Our mother Earth!

We grow up in her laps,
And she is our second mother!
But these days what evil we see,
Is destroying Earth further!

What type of humans we are,
Who only care for ourselves!
Oh leave mother Earth,
I am also destroying it myself!

What type of greed is this,
That makes us so self-esteemed!
In which the doer’s life too
Is ending like stopping dull stream!

Let us together bring justice to earth!
This is the one final berth!
Let us help earth get out of the hands of greedy man!
Now because we should, but because we can!

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