Summer Holidays are back!


i love summerSummer holidays are back with all the fun. I cannot wait to do something exciting this summer. Who don’t like holidays? Of course everyone does and everyone also wants to acquire a new skill. I am too hoping to acquire a new skill this time. I also want to do something very interesting that would blend me with knowledge but holidays are not to acquire a new skill but to learn something new. Something very good and filled with knowledge.

I know kids don’t like to study in summers, I am also a kid and me too don’t want to study in summers, but we can study in a creative way and  in an addictive manner. There is a problem too with summer vacations and that is the high temperature but of course without it there would be no summer break. I think of it as an exchange offer. Exchange vacations with high temperature! but as we know summer holidays will soon end as the childhood. So I am looking forward to this summer break and will always remember one thing

“Summer time is always the best of what it might be.”

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