My Aim in Life


My aim in life. What could be better for any kid that his parents have something to be proud of. In the whole life, a person can gain success but he will be happier when his parents are proud of him. A hardworking laborer will never gain  happiness in his entire life even if he works hard, but a common man can achieve great heights if he becomes hardworking and honest.

Education is the leading stroke of life. A person also cannot be successful in his life if he does not have a good friend. A friend who is always there to help you. While typing this I thought of  some of my friends who want to become a cricketer or a footballer but I thought friends what the use of been a successful person if you can not make your parents happy. I don’t know about them but my aim in my life when I grow up would be to make my parents happy.

Always remember the happiness you get by your proud parents is the best  goal you can achieve.

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